Friday, April 2, 2010

Failure? The Possibility Does Not Exist

. Friday, April 2, 2010

We are saddened to hear of the retirement - if that is the word - of J.K. Baltzersen from The Monarchist, of which I have been a humble scribe for some years now. I am far more sadden by the author's pessimistic reasons for leaving the field of battle:

Along the way, although there of course are exceptions, I have met very little understanding for the worldview which I advocate. I find that I am standing still. I am not moving. Not forward. Not backwards. Not anywhere.

This world consists of people – almost of all ages – proudly exhibiting their underwear in all sorts of public places, successfully asserting their right to political equality, but at least the world is moving forward.

Yes, forward over the cliff. The coarseness of the age is appalling. It is an obvious and trite thing to say, but one which needs to be said. It is the obvious things which need to be repeated, they are so easily forgotten. We accept it too easily. The cheapening of the human soul. Chesterton, Belloc, Ortega y Gasset and Rand all denounced it, each for their own reasons. What linked these minds - who would have disliked each other intensely - was their aversion to the modern. They were born in that last twilight of the liberal era, which ended in the barrel of Gavrilo Princip's pistol, nearly a hundred summers ago. The modern they despised was the levelling tendency, its worship of what Whitman sadly called the "divine average."

Statistics is not conducive to divinity. In its widest sense, divinity is never average. It is an aspiration. The average may possess it, but the desire is transcendent. The ordinary looking up. The Cult of the Modern is the Cult of the Average, it is anti-aspiration. The age before 1914 was distinguished not so much by its small and unintrusive government, its manners or arts. It was the last age in which ordinary people deferred to those in authority. Partly out of ignorance, but also out of respect for what such an authority represented. The university professor was a repository of, and skilled guide to, knowledge. He was not an otherwise unemployable crank. The minister of state was a guardian of the security and freedom of the realm, not a charlatan in a frock coat.

The human clay was no better then than now. No age suffers from a shortage of the wicked, the conniving and the morally lax. Same clay, however, different aspirations. People wanted to believe that those in authority lived to higher standards. They understood that some failed the ideal, yet the dream was all important. Somewhere, men are decent and noble and do the right thing. In her first television Christmas broadcast, made in 1957, Her Majesty warned us not to succumb to the "subtle corruption of the cynics." The rot was pretty well set in even then. The message is still relevant. If we don't try, we'll never be. This process of corruption has always had an especially obnoxious villain to my mind, Lytton Strachey. His Eminent Victorians sought to, and largely succeeded, in placing feet of clay on the giants of 19th century British history. The American critic Edmund Wilson said of Strachey:

Lytton Strachey's chief mission, of course, was to take down once and for all the pretensions of the Victorian age to moral superiority... neither the Americans nor the English have ever, since Eminent Victorians appeared, been able to feel quite the same about the legends that had dominated their pasts. Something had been punctured for good."

Hallelujah! We are all back in the mire! Rejoice! Strachey made generations of intellectuals, and those further down the effluence of thought, feel comfortable in their mediocrity. No one is better than anyone else, which is really saying that no one is better than me. My little vices, my little betrayals, my little failings are acceptable, I have no need to fight them, because the eminent men are just as bad as me. Men are not so much prone to evil as to sloth. Eminent Victorians was a license to moral sloth. What is first done with wit and grace, is soon enough done with vulgarity and obscenity. A typical British High Street is proof enough of that. Without discipline an army is a rabble. Without discipline, of some sort, the soul of man is no better than a rabble, driven by sudden emotion and instinct. Thought, consideration and foresight are the products of a disciplined mind. Of a mind that aspires to better than what it is and, through discipline has the tools to move in that direction.

I hold onto the monarchy for many reasons, one of which I will honestly admit is a perverse streak of the reactionary within me. It is a mad impulse which sometimes becomes irresistible. I am the only person I know who does not own a pair of jeans. This causes some discomfiture to friends and co-workers. I do not explain why. It may well be an irrational impulse. I recall one of my teachers in high school, in a fit of honesty, admitted that his father thought him immature. Exhibit A in the father's case was that said son still wore jeans. The aged veteran of HM's forces thought only teenagers, children and workmen should wear jeans. Men wore pants, you see. The thought was a bracing one. A bit of reactionary rebellion. It is logically nonsense to imagine that an item of clothing confers on one any sort of superiority, yet the concept of a fashion statement is perfectly understandable. Clothing is symbolic. The wearing of jeans was once a militant statement of youthful and proletarian solidarity. The rebels having taken over, it is now a uniform. Jeans are "comfortable" we are told. Not really. The material is more rigid than that which is typically used for trousers. Jeans are comfortable only in the psychological sense. They telegraph to wearer and viewer than the wearer is "off duty" and not in a serious frame of mind. "Please don't take me seriously, I'm not really trying." They are the dress of militant informality.

The monarchy is like the bespoke three piece suit. A piece of militant formality and defiant aspiration. The Queen is the epitome of propriety and dignity. There is an ordinary human being beneath the crown, one that behaves as we all do at our worst. Yet she has dedicated herself to a certain code of being, a sense of duty higher than ordinary. With discipline and application you can be better than you are. That was part of the point of monarchy, as Victoria and Albert re-imagined it, a model for the nation. We are told, with the smug assurance of a wise man explaining the dawn to a simpleton, that monarchy is out of date. The modern age admits no hereditary privilege. Most of those who say that plan on bequeathing to their children as large an inheritance as possible, as well as a first class education (if they can still get it). What irks the republican is not some strict constitutional principle, it is a political as well as spiritual egalitarianism. They are too vain to admit that anything is better than they. Today it is a monarch, but the levelling tendency is fanatical and will seek new victims. The Australians have a saying about cutting down the tall poppies. The Queen is simply the tallest poppy.

We began by mourning the pessimism of some toward the modern world. The jacobins are now very busy indeed. They are headlong into bankrupting the United States. They have, through stealth, rendered Queen and Parliament no longer sovereign in Britain. The popular culture is utterly obscene, so much so that to mention its nature is to invite boredom. Yes, yes, decline and fall and all that. Part of the ether. Protesting is pointless. There is nothing inevitable about today or tomorrow. The world of a century ago was the product of centuries of preceding effort. The Britain of the 18th century looked a lot like the Britain of today. The future is always contestable. You just have to say. A thousand acts of small defiance. A refusal to accept the well accepted. We must be outrageous for the sake of restraint. We must be radical for the sake of propriety. No, madam you do not have a different lifestyle, you are a slut. No, sir, you are not being pragmatic, you are being dishonest. Insist that sophistry is not a sign of sophistication. It is a sign of cowardice, as it was when Aristotle patrolled the agora. We lose only by accepting that what is is right. Our opposition is strong only in numbers. Sloth, when it is revealed plainly as sloth, is a weak rallying cry. Aspiration is a strong call forward. We have only to call their bluff and never, ever, surrender to the "subtle corruption of the cynics."


J.K. Baltzersen said...

Happy April Fools' Day, sir! :D

Kipling said...

Oh, you tease!

But I still stand by my comments.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

But I still stand by my comments.

Well, sir, your comments are made in response to something that indeed could be real. :-)

Kipling said...

All too real. I've seen a lot of people simply give up. Thus my headlong reaction.

The Monarchist said...

My my, we have just been spoiled with a very uplifting post and probably your best yet, Kipling. A very impressive summation of what we all know is the problem with "Big Society".

Ironically, the thing that is slowly killing the monarchy - sloth and apathy - is also the thing that is sustaining it. A careless people can't be bothered to muster the strength to actually kill it, so it lives on. And by the way, I still wear three piece suits to work, without the eccentric company however, of a fob watch.

April Fool's aside, I have been moving the family to a different city. Last month, I purchased a rather grand looking house that is older than confederation (200 year-old homes are a rare thing here), which is occupying much of my discretionary time.

E.C. said...

Pardon my sudden intrusion, but as a new visitor to this website I would very much like to register my appreciation!

I found this post particularly inspiring. At points I do fear that my beliefs are 'outdated' or futile, but this entire site gives me hope that there are like-minded souls out there who still support our traditions.

Some wonderful stuff here.

Crux Australis said...

Just focus on doing what you can. I am a member of my father's club (and that of both my grandfather's), I wear Ede and Ravenscroft waistcoats with my DJ and morning coat respectively, and I participate in events that help "the cause".

No one can roll back the tide of change - but we can all shape it in some small way. Personally I am more confident about the future of this institution - our shared Crown - than at any other time in the last 20 years. Constitutional caution reigns supreme, we've seen off the baby boomers, and William will carry the rest.

Come on guys, for most of you, summer is coming! Why not host a summer Pimm's party at your place? My wife and I did - it was a cracker. Lots of linen, lots of panamas. I don't have to explain the rest, do I?

Anonymous said...

The rot can be traced to the paper money bankers. The only way to beat the tyranny is to buy gold sovereigns and other gold and silver coins. I guarantee you will feel stronger. Start with a junk silver dollar of fifty cent piece: in my lifetime the coin of the realm. Listen to its music and feel its heft. Pass the word.

Anonymous said...

I am a semi-regular reader of this blog, and, may i say, this latest article is a brilliant summary of our age. i draw encouragement from sites like yours, plus those run by folk of similar persuation, some British, some Australian, some North American. Though it would seem there is a small yet healthy on-line community of men and women committed to tradition, decency, civility, prudence, modesty, and faith, the shape of the RL societies in which we live seems to be growing steadily more unhealthy month by month, year by year. How can this tide of almost a century of distruction, loss, and degridation be halted, or even slowed? we are simply lone individuals in our communities, more often than not sneered at and disregarded by those who now hold the reigns of power, the leftist media, government, academia and artistic community...when will the restoration and healing begin? when will the counter-revolution finally make tangible inroads? I grow weary and my heart grows dispondant. Please, please, all of you engaged in flying the flag, keep standing in the gap!

Anonymous said...

Vous êtes une bande de babouins consanguins dégénéré couvert des pustules répugnantes de votre sclérose intellectuelle et de l'arrogance typique de la classe "supérieure" qui épanche sa soif avec le sang du peuple.

Mourrez. Mourrez. Mourrez tous. Que vos corps boursouflés et corrompus subissent l'outrage de la putréfaction et de la gangrène. Le monde ne s'en portera que mieux.

Mort aux cons.

LAW Wells said...

Curious. I was away over Easter (so I missed the joke, somewhat), but I watched part of a documentary on the History Channel about the missing years of Jesus (between 12 and 30). I didn't watch all of it (I was called away to dinner), but one statement did really catch my interest - one of the historians being interviewed said that the many attempts to fill in the missing years were attempts to localise Christ, making him more like us (married, a nasty kid in the Gnostic Gospels), which runs counter to the actual point of Christianity, which is to be like Christ.

It is precisely the same point you're making here - we want others to be like us, rather than wanting to be like others. And the ultimate example for Christians is Christ Himself. The levelling influence ultimately must see the Divine rendered mortal, to be just like us. And no Christian (Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant) could ever accept such an idea. Divinity itself proposes inequality, for we mortals can never match the Divine. And therein lies the ultimate impossibility of an egalitarian Christian - God is Superior to us, and if He is equal to us, then He is not God, but an idol.

And hope remains. As the Baby Boomers head off into retirement, the next generation will find itself far more conservative, for being conservative now is an act of rebellion against our liberal society. It is rebellious to have manners and style, but it is also desirably (or so my sisters keep telling me, their dear little brother).

Human nature cannot be changed by the wave of a wand, and while the Long March continues, the land it has ravaged shall ultimately heal. One can only suppress things for so long.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Mr. Anonymous wrote:

[some rant in French]

The French Revolution isn't dead, I see.

Lord Best said...

The frog said something about dying of gangrene or some such thing. Perhaps he meant gout, on account of all the port, beef and offal a true Englishman is supposed to eat. He wouldn't have much knowledge of that, being French and thus most likely emaciated.

Kipling said...

He said we are collection of baboons, typically arrogant of our class. Something about the blood of the people. He then tells us to die several times.

Lord Best said...

Froggy vs Rosbif in a fight to the death then? Where have I heard that before.

Daniel of Hayes said...

A truly uplifting and morale-boosting piece! Many thanks!

Npinkpanther said...

That Frenchy is a disgrace to Frenchies. Probably just a Jacobin-esque extremist, rather than actually representative of the French people. We had a few French students my school only recently on exchange (in Australia), and they were lovely kids. They didn't seem to mind at all that they were in a realm of a monarch...

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the boomers are ageing, their prime is passed; yet, judging from the attitude of boomers in my own family, they will not allow the mantle of leadership to be wrested from them easily...clinging on in academia, positions of leadership, the media, and govt/social/community service sector, banging the old, tired, destructive, horrid socialist drum.

As for those who believe the likes of myself and others are the unintellegent, biggeted remnant of a bygone age without a care or understanding of the trials of the people, I refute this, in my own case, utterly. As a child brought up in a single parent family, living in social housing, I am acutely aware of the hard edge of the socialist egalitarian dream of the 60's and 70's, as the first generation who directly experienced its fruits of pain and upheaval. God bless her, my late mother, regardless of how little money was around, instilled in both myself and my brother decency, manners, civility, and responsibility (though the socialist half of the family who fled did little to build up this area). Out of poverty - yes, poverty that knows the winter cold very well - has been born two conservatives who value family, hearth, home and tradition. It is for my little newborn niece I ernestly pray a new conservative dawn of society will break, illuminating an injured, parched land that has laboured under a century of darkness. Soon, the influence of Greer, DeBovoir, and their fellows will drift into the pages of history, and women like myself, along with men, will be finally truly able to breathe freely the refreshing air once more. I thank both the blogging commenters and author of 'the Monarchist' for standing as beacons of light and hope in a dark world ; I also believe that Prince William, especially will make a brilliant King; beloved even more than Queen Elizabeth II, and additionally,'experts' should listen to Prince Charles, rather than criticizing him for 'interfearing'. . Stand in the gap!!

Anonymous said...

Et vous animateurs, auteurs et participants à ce blog êtes, sans exception, des représentants fort exécrables de la race anglo-saxonne.

Vos diatribes répugnantes ne méritent ni civilité ni politesse de la part du reste de l'humanité qui se contre-chie non seulement de votre pute Elizabeth et aussi de l'amour aussi incestueux que dégoutant que vous semblez lui porter mais aussi que de vos opinions moyenâgeuses, réactionnaires et facistes.

Allez vous faire foutres, tous autant que vous êtes.

Lord Best said...

What an excitable little Frenchman.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

I just can't wait for his next Jacobin rant.

Anonymous said...

I offer to our French participant these links of interest;
and the site below; whose author supports all monarchies, past and present, across the globe.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a site dedicated to Angosphere monarchy. hwever, the issues that have been discussed within this article and the comments generated apply equally across the Western world.

One more site with information and links, not to mention, literature of interest to our French participant;

,Hence, feelings of exclusion and misunderstanding on behalf of the French participant are suitably addressed. Now, a little French civility would be nice, please...
Our French

Kipling said...

My thanks to the kind comments made above, excepting the excitable Francophone. All true anglophiles understand that while we tease the French, we have no genuine animosity. Their ways are different, and the execution of Louis XVI one of the genuinely foolish and criminal acts of the last two centuries, but we generally like the French. They're very charming rivals.

Anonymous said...

Au risque de me répéter, ce n'est pas la race anglo-saxonne en entier qui me répugne : ce sont spécifiquement les dégénérés adeptes de la masturbation intellectuelle qui animent ce blog.

Donc, j'espère pouvoir vous enfoncer une couronne "royale" bien profondément dans l'anus pour ensuite la retirer et vous faire lécher les excréments qui y auront inévitablement adhéré.

Le même traitement sera, soit dit en passant, réservé à toutes les têtes couronnées de la planète, avec l'ajout de la possibilité d'inviter le peuple à uriner copieusement sur lesdites têtes.

Lord Best said...

The anonymous Frenchmans rants are becoming increasingly dull, this latest one lacks the obnoxious spark of the previous ones.
I have a theory that deep down all Frenchman long to be reigned over by a monarch. This stems from the well known fact that all Frenchmen secretly wish to be Englishmen.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Bring on the guillotine!!!

Anonymous said...

Je vais violer vos mères, vos femmes et vos enfants des deux sexes. Je leurs défoncerai le cul bien comme il faut avec ma belle grosse bitte républicaine.

Je répandrai ma semence au creux de leurs culs et de leurs ventres et vos femelles n'auront de cesse de crier le plaisir qu'elles ont de se faire prendre par un vrai mâle, contrairement aux séances courtes et désagréables de copulations qu'elles avaient avec la bande d'émasculés que vous êtes.

Npinkpanther said...

He reminds me of another Frenchman with a wonderfully colourful vocabulary:

Lord Best said...

I think we must be getting to the poor chap, his latest post was particularly vitriolic. Though some of the flair seems to have returned, so good show.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

I'm a little disappointed in our little Jacobin.

Seemingly, he is of the school that believes that old is bad and new is good.

Yet, he comes up with such old stuff.

Where is his innovation?

Kipling said...

Vulgarity is as old as salt. I don't agree with Dr Johnson's statement that the first Whig was the Devil, but I'm certain the first Jacobin was. I do admire the fellow's conceit. He obviously reads English, yet insists on writing in French. Google provides free translation services. He's like those snobby French waiters who provide worse service at the mere hint of being from the Anglo-Saxon world. Perhaps he thinks he is striking a blow against the forces of reaction or something.

Anonymous said...

Ça vous excite quand je parle de ma grosse bitte ? Vous savez, j'essaie seulement de rendre service en vous fournissant au moins un autre sujet de fantasme pour remplacer vos vieux monarques décrépis, puants et flétris.

Bien sur, vous pouvez continuer à vous imaginer des scènes torrides entre la séduisante Camilla et la ratatinée Elizabeth. Du sexe chaud de lesbiennes couronnées, ça doit être dans vos cordes, non ? À moins que vous préfériez vos astiquer la bitte en pensant à Charles en train d'enculer ses deux fils. Évidement, il font tout celà vêtus en Nazi.

Je vous laisse quelques instants pour aller quérir des papiers mouchoirs pour essuyer la dèche qui a immanquablement coulé dans vos sous-vêtements après la lecture de ces paragraphes lubriques...

Anonymous said...

Ça vous excite quand je parle de ma grosse bitte ? Vous savez, j'essaie seulement de rendre service en vous fournissant au moins un autre sujet de fantasme pour remplacer vos vieux monarques décrépis, puants et flétris.

Bien sur, vous pouvez continuer à vous imaginer des scènes torrides entre la séduisante Camilla et la ratatinée Elizabeth. Du sexe chaud de lesbiennes couronnées, ça doit être dans vos cordes, non ? À moins que vous préfériez vos astiquer la bitte en pensant à Charles en train d'enculer ses deux fils. Évidement, il font tout celà vêtus en Nazi.

Je vous laisse quelques instants pour aller quérir des papiers mouchoirs pour essuyer la dèche qui a immanquablement coulé dans vos sous-vêtements après la lecture de ces paragraphes lubriques...

Kipling said...

Je ne parle pas....

Lord Best said...

Anonymous, vous êtes mal elevée.

M.L. Littlefield said...

One cannot give up. The pendulum will swing back towards a better age, I am sure of it. We WILL triumph over this humanist, liberal claptrap...

J.K. Baltzersen said...

It is important, gentlemen, to remember the old adage "this too shall pass," which I believe Russell Kirk used when speaking of modernist concepts.

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The Princess Royal: Princess Anne "outstanding" in Australia.
H.M.S. Victory: In 1744, 1000 sailors went down with a cargo of gold.
Queen's Commonwealth: Britain is letting the Commonwealth die.
Justice Kirby: His support for monarchy almost lost him appointment to High Court
Royal Military Academy: Sandhurst abolishes the Apostles' Creed.
Air Marshal Alec Maisner, R.I.P. Half Polish, half German and 100% British.
Cherie Blair: Not a vain, self regarding, shallow thinking viper after all.
Harry Potter: Celebrated rich kid thinks the Royals should not be celebrated
The Royal Jelly: A new king has been coronated, and his subjects are in a merry mood
Victoria Cross: Australian TROOPER MARK DONALDSON awarded the VC
Godless Buses: Royal Navy veteran, Ron Heather, refuses to drive his bus
Labour's Class War: To expunge those with the slightest pretensions to gentility
100 Top English Novels of All Time: The Essential Fictional Library
Royal Racism? Our intellectually febrile self appointed arbiters of modern manners
The Story of Bill Stone, RN: "Contented mind. Clean living. Trust in God"
Bill Stone: Last British veteran of both world wars dies
Reverse Snobbery: "Prince William and Harry are not very bright"
Poet Laureate: The English-Speaking Peoples need a poet laureate
Prince Harry: Much Ado about Nothing
H.M.A.S. Sydney: Australia seeks answers to its worst naval disaster
BIG BEN: Celebrating 150 Years of the Clock Tower
Winnie-the-Pooh: Canada's famous bear, Winnie (Winnipeg), to be published in a sequel
Not Amused: Traditional fairytales are not politically correct enough for our children
The British Empire: "If you were going to be colonized, you wanted to be colonized by the British"
Gross Constitutional Impropriety: Without mandate for change, plebiscites work to undermine the system


Count Iggy: Michael Ignatieff takes the reigns of the LPC
Lord Black of Crossharbour: Harper and Ignatieff promise a rivalry for the ages
Strange Bedfellows: The monarchy is safe from this republican
Fount of Dishonour: The growing distinction of remaining an unadorned Mister
Republican Poet: Colby Cosh on that mute inglorious Milton
Church of England: The Conservative case for the Established Church of England
Liberal Secular Scrooges: A Blight on the Festive Landscape
Fount of Honour: The Queen's New Year Honours List
Act of Settlement: the last brick in a crumbling wall, by Philip Lardner
What next, Mr. Hannan, the conservative case for disestablishing the monarchy?
Hair to the Throne: Prince William's beard is fit for a King.
Canada's House of Lords: Why reforming the Senate is profoundly unwelcome.
Someone who gets it: The proper relationship between liberty and democracy.
More Pseudo Democracy: Keep on voting until you get it right.
Royal Christmas: Queen's Christmas Message still trumps seasonal schedule.
Archbishop Williams: A 'certain integrity' to a disestablished Church of England.
Loyal Subject: Debunking the antimonarchist claims of The Economist.
Royal Prerogative: Grand Duke says no to legalised murder assisted suicide.
Lord Iggy: The Nobleman versus the Doberman
It's Over: the day, the decision, the crisis, the coalition, and Dion’s leadership
Loyal Subject: Speak out Charles, our teenage politicians never will
Prince Charles at 60: 60 Facts About HRH, Prince Charles of Wales
Remembrance Day Hymns: O Valiant Hearts; Abide With Me
For Liberty and Livelihood! Duke of Norfolk leads hunt protest ban
Keating Remembers: "I have never been to Gallipoli, and I never will"
John Cleese a Republican? An anti-monarchist rant worthy of Monty Python
Balfour Declaration: The precursor to the Statute of Westminster
Beaverbrook's Grandson: SAS Major Sebastian Morley resigns in disgust
"His Mightiness": Yanks and the royals; the Eagle and the Crown
England Expects: The Hero of Trafalgar at 250
Harper and Howard: An embarrassing example of Anglosphere Unity
Crowning Insult: Labour's legacy will be its destruction of the monarchy
Her Excellency: An Interview with Governor-General Quentin Bryce
Age of Oversensitivity: Churchill wouldn't stand a chance in Canadian election
William of Wales: Prince chooses RAF career over that of a 'working Royal'
Australia's Loyal Opposition: Republican Turnbull now on Queen's side
Loyal Subject: The Age of Elizabeth II, by A.N. Wilson
Tory Icon? Daniel Hannan says British Tories should follow Stephen Harper
Chasing Churchill: Around the world with Winston
Her Majesty The Queen - A Life in Film
The Crown in Oz: Australia swears in first female governor-general
Lèse majesté? The Royal Australian Institute of Architects drops the 'royal'
Rest In Peace: David Lumsden of Cushnie (1933-2008), President of the 1745 Assn.
Monarchies Rule: Prominent Australian republican says monarchies are the best
Sir Don Bradman: Oz remembers The Don, the greatest cricketer batsman of all time
Padre Benton: The Living Tradition in Piddingworth
"Stodgy anachronism" More moist, vapid effusions from the Diana cult
Drool Britannia: London Summer Olympics 2012
Taki the Aristocrat: Unrepentedly wealthy and well mannered
Wanted: Uncorker Message in a bottle faster than Royal Mail
The Other St. George: Will Georgia restore its monarchy?
Gentlemen's Clubs: The Great Club Revolution of New York
The Laughing Cavalier: What an utterly absurd article
Health unto His Future Majesty: "Royalty dares to challenge the New Order"
"Grace, Your Grouse!" Better to kill a fellow gun than wing a beater
Boys will be adventurous: To Ulaanbaatar by London cab
A King's Breakfast: A trenchant defence of the full English breakfast
Republican beer: Forget Coopers, support Fosters
Trafalgar Square: Sanity prevails on the fourth plinth
The Empire Builder: How James Hill built a railroad without subsidies
"Harvard was not amused": Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1918–2008
Greatest Briton: Wellington is "greater than Churchill"
Death of the Necktie? A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life
Not Amused: The next Chief Justice of Australia to be a republican
Royal New Zealand Air Force: God Save N.Z. from the Cannibals
Why English Pubs are Dying: The totalitarian smoking ban.
Swooning over Princess Obama: A Coronation or the Second Coming?
Dreams of an Academic: Gough Whitlam to have the last laugh?
Joshua Slocum meet President Kruger: Yet another reason to love the Boers
Changing of the Guard: Annual Inspection at Rideau Hall
H.M.S. Iron Duke: A Foe for William and Sea Room
Fountain of Honour: Australian pop star gets Order of the British Empire
DOMINION DAY: Read David Warren's Lament for a Nation
Kiwi Tribalism: Sealords, Treelords, what are New Zealanders coming to?
Of Queen and Country: John Elder disects the current state of monarchy in Oz
Not Amused: The Olympic Games trump Buckingham Palace
CMR Returns: The Royal Military College of St. John
Hereditary peers overwhelmingly rejected the Lisbon Treaty
Archbishop Cranmer: Royal Assent given to the Treaty of Lisbon
Crown Commonwealth: Referendum confirms Her Majesty as Queen of Tuvalu
Duke of York: Prince Andrew Visits Troops in Afghanistan
Treaty of Lisbon: A Litmus Test for the British Monarchy
The Queen and I: The man who caused royal kerfuffle gives view of the monarchy
HMS Ontario sunk in 1780, found intact! at bottom of Lake Ontario
Hold the Lime, Bartender: Only lemon properly complements a gin and tonic
Elizabethans Down Under: Are most Australian monarchists merely "Elizabethans"?
Edwardian Gentleman: What To Do When You Find a Hohenzollern in Your Study
Hooray for Kid's Day!! Melbourne newspaper won't come of Age
Unhappy Kingdom: Why Liberal Democracy is Failing Us
Knightless Realm: The world yawns as John Howard is made an AC
Scots Tory: Bring Back the Stiff Upper Lip, says Gerald Warner
HMY Britannia: Let's lay the keel for a new royal yacht
For Queen, Country and Low Pay: PM pledges to do better
Maple Leaf republic? Roger Kimball's sleight of hand (since corrected!)
Queen's Birthday: New Zealand unveils new Vice-Regal Standard
Prince Charming: Quebec author calls Canadian G-G a "negro queen"
The Senior Service: Sub-Lieutenant Wales to take on Pirates of the Caribbean
Crown of Disenchantment: What does it require to withhold royal assent?
Colonial Mentality: Key republican thinks Victoria Cross is a colonial relic
The Red Baron: Billy Bishop, not Mannock, was the British Empire's top ace
Which Scots conservatism: Unionist or Nationalist?
Loyal Subject: After all she has done, we owe the Queen our oath
Victoria Day – Fête de la Reine: Official B'day of the Queen of Canada
Renaming the Victoria Day Weekend: Let's get rid of Heritage Day Bob
Pro Valore: Canada mints its own Victoria Cross in time for Victoria Day
State Visit to Turkey: Mustafa Akyol says God Save the Queen, Indeed
Norn Iron Unites: What issue is uniting all parties of Northern Ireland?
Extreme Loyalist: Michael Stone attempted to slit the throats of Adams and McGuinness because he just "can't handle" republicans being in government.
Canada's Vice-Regal dubbed an elegant mix between Lady Di and Nelson Mandela
Queen of Australia: Support for Australian republic hits new low
A Heroes Welcome: The Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo, 8-10 May 2008
Fat, Vile and Impudent: Alan Fotheringham is back on the bottle
The Devine Right of Bling: Our Royals have become hereditary celebrities
Battle of the Atlantic: Canadians remember the longest battle of WW2
Old Etonian Toff: Boris Johnson installed as Tory Mayor of London
Britain needs a Patron Saint: Cry God for Harry, Britain and St. Aiden?
Anglos in Mont-Royal: Rooting for the Montreal Canadiens
Daniel Hannan: Borders of the Anglosphere and the British Empire was a mistake
Australia 2020: One Big Fat Republican Con Job
Bye bye Tommy: O it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy go away"
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Carpetbaggers Down Under: Kevin 'Mugabe' Rudd wins 98.5% support for republic
Kipling: The Jeremiah of Empire and the Poet Laureate of Civilisation
Duke of Edinburgh: Behind the gaffes is a man of real sincerity
Lord Rutherford: The Father of the Atom lives on in great great grandson
Queen of Australia: Royalty Protects us from Tyranny, David Barnett
Long Live the Broadsheet! Norumbega, more traditionalist than the Pope.
A Tale of Two Countries: Soldiers of Britain and Canada serve the same Queen but...
Loyal Subject: Polishing the Royal Crown, Matt Bondy & Brendon Bedford
Devoted to the End: Obituary of Sir Phillip Bridges
The Monarchist does not recognize the Republic of Kosova
Loyal Subject: MPs Ruse Defeated; God Save the Queen!
St. Paddy's Day: Edmund Burke, the greatest Irishman who ever lived
Not Amused: The Bunkum of Timothy Garton Ash
Hero Harry: Rave Reviews across the Commonwealth
Patriot Prince: Prince Harry fought for us all, Charles Moore
William F. Buckley, RIP: He had a Tory gratitude for the pleasures of life
Their Lordships' Duty: The House of Lords can influence the Lisbon Treaty debate
Knights of Oz: Revive Sirs or I'll have your guts for garters
Peter Hitchens: People love the Queen...and the BBC hates us for it
Our Greatest Monarch: Paul Johnson says Henry V was our greatest monarch
Princess Diana Inquest: A Dirty Raincoat Show for the World
Malcom Turnbull: 'Queen's death will spark republican vote'
Duke of York: The Royals are not "stuffed dummies". They should have their say
Peers of the Realm: The decline and fall of the House of Lords - Charles A. Coulombe
Peter Hitchens: Get rid of the monarchy and you will get rid of a guardian of liberty
Honouring Sir Edmund Hillary
The Queen versus an E.U. President
Going Solo: Prince William earns his Wings
James C. Bennett: The Third Anglosphere Century
Knights of Oz: Revive Sirs or I'll have your guts for garters
Princess Diana Inquest: A Dirty Raincoat Show for the World
Malcom Turnbull: 'Queen's death will spark republican vote'
Future Peer: The life and times of Lady Victoria Beckham
Peers of the Realm: The decline and fall of the House of Lords - Charles A. Coulombe
Peter Hitchens: Get rid of the monarchy and you will get rid of a guardian of liberty


New York Times: Ever Backwards into the Royal Future
Peter Hitchens: People love the Queen...and the BBC hates us for it
Christopher Hitchens: An Anglosphere Future
Andrew Cusack: Republicanism is a traitor's game
Courageous Patrician: Rt Hon Ian Douglas Smith (1919-2007)
The Last Rhodesian: What began with Rhodes and ended with Ian?
Gentleman Journalist: The Lord Baron W.F. Deedes, 1913-2007
Not Amused: Blair's sinister campaign to undermine the Queen
Loyal Subject: Queen Elizabeth: A stranger in her own country
Reverence Deference: Bowing and Scraping Back in Tradition
Rex Murphy: Kennedy, Churchill, Lincoln - The rousing bon mot is no more
Gerald Warner: Don't shed a tear for Diana cult in its death throes
The End of Grandeur: Rich, chincy Canada puts Strathmore on the blocks
Confessions of a Republican Leftie: "The Queen charmed the pants off me"
The King's Own Calgary Regiment: Cpl. Nathan Hornburg is laid to rest
The Royal Gurkha Rifles: Prince William grieves the death of Major Roberts
Queensland Mounted Rifles: Trooper David Pearce, 41, killed in Afghanistan
The Order of Canada: 100 investitures later, Canada's highest honour turns 40
Prince Edward on Prince Edward Island: Troop's link to monarchy important
HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN: Unveils the UK Armed Forces Memorial
Great Britain: "A rotten borough with a banana monarchy" - by Europhile
Peers of the Realm: The decline and fall of the House of Lords - Charles A. Coulombe
Remembering 'Smithy': An obituary tour de force by Andrew Cusack here, here and here.
NOT AMUSED: Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Quebec not invited to Quebec's tercentenary